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Urology: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
11 Signs You May Have a Urinary Tract Infection
Have you ever worried that you might have urinary tract infection symptoms. Learn what to look for and when to see a doctor.
What You Should Know About Kidney Stones
Kidney stones can give you excruciating pain and be tough to endure. Learn about them here.
Why You Keep Getting Out of Bed to Pee
If you wake up several times at night with a pressing need to urinate, you probably have a diminished capacity to hold your urine at night, and have what doctors refer to as
Blood In the Urine - What You Should Know About...
Whether you spot it on your toilet paper or see it in the toilet bowl, it is something that should be investigated promptly by your doctor.
6 Tips to Avoid Problems With Your Urinary System
There are a few simple things you can do to help keep your urinary system healthy.
Why Should I See a Urologist?
Have you wondered what kinds of problems a urologist takes care of? Can a simple urinary tract infection be handled by your primary care doctor? Discover what conditions urologists are most likely to treat.
Are Urinary Tract Infections Ruining Your Sex...
Do you ever feel like having sex gives you pleasure, but then you end up with repeated urinary tract infections? If you are female, you are more likely to have this problem because your urethra is much shorter than a man's, making it much easier for bacteria to travel up from the vagina into the urinary tract. Learn what you can do to manage this problem.
Cystoscopy - Everything You Need to Know About...
If your doctor recommends that you have a cystoscopy, it may be because you have some unexplained symptoms in your bladder, urethra, prostate, or ureters. Find out why a cystoscopy is being requested, how the procedure is performed, and what to expect after the test is done.
Female Urology Anatomy and External Sexual...
Do you ever wonder what female urology anatomy and external sexual anatomy looks like. Take a tour.
Common Medications for BPH
If you are suffering from enlarged prostate, you may be wondering what your treatment options and whether or not you should undergo treatment at all. Up to 1/3 of men see their symptoms clear without treatment, but that doesn't mean that you should not be evaluated by a urologist. You can get several types of treatment if BPH bothers you and is interrupting urinary function. Medication may be effective for you.
Enlarged Prostate (BPH) Surgery
When you have an enlarged prostate, your symptoms can bother you so much that there is nothing that will work as well as surgery in reducing your urinary symptoms. Learn about the surgical options that you have here and what you can expect after surgery.
Interstitial Cystitis
Interstitial cystititis (IC), also known as painful bladder syndrome (PBS), is tough to cope with. Affecting far more women than men, learn helpful statistics, how you would be diagnosed, and what you can do to minimize pain and discomfort.
Bladder Control and Urinary Incontinence
Losing control of your bladder or having urinary incontinence can be an embarrassing and difficult problem to deal with. Learn more about it here.
Your First Visit to a Urologist
Has your primary care doctor referred you to a urologist? To get the most out of your visit,learn what to take with you and what questions to ask.
What You Need to Know About Blood in the Urine
When you should see a urologist about having blood in your urine.
kidney stones
Kidney Stones affect millions of people annually and are a source of extreme pain, lost work days and occasionally, severe medical impairment.
About ureteral stents
Ureteral stent placement, kidney stones, kidney obstruction, kidney blockage
How Is BPH Diagnosed?
If you are having trouble urinating, are bothered by a weak or intermittent urinary flow, and you are a man over age 50, you could have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate. This article explains how BPH is diagnosed.
Symptoms of Bladder Outlet Obstruction
If you are an older male who is seeing a different pattern to how you are urinating, one possibility is that you have a bladder outlet obstruction. Learn what the symptoms are and when to consult with a urologist.
What Is a Urologist?
Have you wondered what a urologist is and why you might go to see one. Learn about the parts of the body that urologists focus on, what training is necessary to become a urologist.
There are many urine tests that are done. Do you ever wonder what a urinalysis is, why it is ordered, and what your test results are all about.
Acute Urinary Retention
acute urinary retention is usually a sudden need to urinate and inability to do so. Often requires emergency room visit and insertion of a urinary catheter.
Low Testosterone Diagnosis
Diagnosis of Hypogonadism, Urology.
An Enlarged Prostate or BPH
Are you over a man over age 50 and you are suddenly noticing increased frequency in urination, an intermittent flow? You might have an enlarged prostate, also known technically as BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is a common, noncancerous, urologic condition that can put pressure on your urinary tract, causing problems with urination.
Painful Urination and Burning - What Could Be...
Have you ever had to deal with painful urination and burning?
Minimally Invasive Treatments For An Enlarged...
Are you bothered by symptoms of an enlarged prostate? Learn what minimally invasive treatments are available and whether you want to explore them with your doctor.
How To Get On A Kidney Transplant Waiting List
If you have chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, you may need to get a kidney transplant. Here are some tips on beginning the process.
Irritative Urinary Symptoms
Irritative urinary symptoms are hard to tolerate. You may have trouble accurately pinpointing the urinary symptoms that you are experiencing. It may take time for your doctor to sort out the correct diagnosis.
Urinary System Anatomy
Do you ever wonder how your urinary system anatomy works? Your kidney, ureters, bladder, and urethra all work together so that you urinate normally. Here's a review of how your urinary system anatomy works together.
Treatment for Peyronie's Disease
Managing Peyronie's Disease, medicine and surgery
Watchful Waiting
Watchful waiting refers to the decision to seek no medical or surgical treatment, instead waiting to see whether symptoms progress, stay the same, or clear. Is frequently used in reference to an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.
Urology Training - Learn the Requirements...
Urology is a complex surgical discipline involving the urinary tract system and many aspects of female and male sexual health and genital organs. Learn what is involved in becoming an accredited practitioner of urology and its subspecialties. Use this information to compare it to urologists in practice.
Male Sexual Dysfunction: How Common Is It?
Male sexual dysfunction is a common, under-reported problem. Accurate prevalence estimates of male sexual dysfunction are difficult to obtain because men don't volunteer the information, even if asked. Also, urologists have learned that using questionnaires that are validated scientifically is the only way to get the best answer. Only now are some physicians beginning to use these tools.
What Is Female Sexual Dysfunction?
If you are feeling like you don't enjoy sex, have no interest in it, or cannot reach orgasm, you are not alone. There are many reasons why this could be happening. This section deals exclusively with female sexual dysfunction.
Male Sexual Dysfunction: What Could Cause You...
Are you troubled because you think that you are experiencing male sexual dysfunction? Learn about the many causes of male sexual dysfunction here.
Urinary Troubles During Cold and Flu Season
Have you ever noticed it's harder to pee when you have a cold and are taking over-the-counter cold medicine? Here's why.
Painful prostate, perineal pain,
Prostate pain, burning urination, prostatitis
retrograde ejaculation
Have you ever wondered whether ejaculate, the semen released on climax, can flow backwards? Learn about it here.
Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Urologist Before...
This article will help readers ask urologists important questions about surgery that they might undergo and give them reassurance about working with their urologist.
Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP)
TURP, the most common procedure performed to remove the inner portion of the prostate for patients with BPH. Uses electrocautery and insertion of a rigid telescope through the urethra.
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Aging men with prostate problems often have a group of symptoms known as lower urinary tract symptoms or LUTS. These symptoms include the sensation of not urinating completely, withholding urinating, difficulty voiding. It may include having a stop-and-go urinary flow and getting up frequently at night to urinate.
The Newest Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Oral medication for Erectile Dysfunction. Differentiating Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Stendra
Curved Penis
Curved or bent penis with erection is defined as Peyronie's Disease. It affects around 10% of men worldwide. We don't know the cause but there are many treatment options available.
3 Ways People Are Trying to Enlarge the Penis
Penis enlargement, male enhancement
Brand Name Drugs in Urology
Drug expenses are skyrocketing. You might be surprised to learn that there are big differences in what you will pay for drugs. Learn about common brand name drugs in urology.
Alpha Blockers
medications used to relax the muscles of the prostate, thereby allowing an increase in urine flow and reduction in BPH symptoms
Delayed Ejaculation
Delayed ejaculation or anorgasmia is a common problem, has many causes and has various treatment options.
Male Sexual Dysfunction -Types
Do you ever worry that you are having a longlasting problem enjoying sex. Learn about the different types of male sexual dysfunction here.
Urine Cytology
examining cells from the urine under a microscope. Urine cytology is useful in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections, some cancers, and other diseases.
Kidney Donation: How Are Kidneys Donated?
Kidney donation is used in transplant surgeries for people with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. There are various types of kidney donors. Learn more about kidney transplant donation here.
Pain after vasectomy
Painful vasectomy, post-vasectomy pain syndrome, testicular pain,
Get the facts on prostate cancer risk
Prostate cancer screening, simplified, I think.
What Is Urology Board Certification and...
Do you ever want to know more about a urologist's training, background, and whether he satisfied criteria for Board Certification and keeps up with the field. Learn more here.
Premature Ejaculation
Improving premature ejaculation. Urology.
Transurethral Needle Ablation (TUNA)
A surgical technique in which excess prostate tissue is destroyed using radiofrequency energy.
Testicular Cancer
Testis cancer diagnosis, lumps in scrotum
The Problems with Circumcision
Newborn circumcision, the choice to cut or not to cut.
excessive growth of normal cells in tissue, resulting in enlarged tissue
About varicoceles
Diagnosis of varicocele. Urology.
Frequent urination at night
Nocturia, nighttime voiding. Urology.
Definition of Andrology
Like many areas of medicine, urology has many sub-specialties. If you or someone you know is a man concerned about infertility issues, male sexual response, or anything pertaining specifically to male private parts, getting a referral to someone who trained in andrology might be helpful.
Top Supplements for Male Fertility
Supplements can boost a man's fertility. Know which ones work and which ones to walk away from.
Buying effective supplements for ED
Supplements for ED are everywhere and totally unregulated. Learn which supplements boost male performance and which bust your wallet.
Definition of Endourology
Have you been reviewing alternative treatments for a urology procedure? Endourology or minimally invasive surgery might appeal to you. Its selling points are that you will have no external incisions and it is becoming more popular for a range of surgeries.
Uroflowmetry is a diagnostic test that measures the speed of your urinary flow.
Definition of Laparoscope
Do you ever wonder how urologists look into your urology tract without making big incisions in your abdomen? New instruments called laparoscopes are small tubular cameras that help surgeons see clearly what is wrong. The development of laparoscopes or laparoscopic surgery has revolutionized some surgical procedures.
Female incontinence
Female incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary leakage
Surgery for impotence
Penile implant surgery explained by an expert
The 5 Biggest Myths About Vasectomies
Vasectomy myths, learn more about vasectomy and common misconceptions.
Pregnancy after vasectomy
Pregnancy after vasectomy, options including vasectomy reversal and sperm extraction for IVF.
How Your Penis Can Get Into Trouble
Understanding three complications that have negative impacts on a penis.
Combination Medical Therapy for an Enlarged...
It is not always easy to find a therapy that helps with an enlarged prostate. Combining alpha blockers with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, with the goal of relaxing the prostate gland and shrinking it at the same time, is one strategy, that sometimes works better than taking just one drug.
Erectile dysfunction and bike riding
Bike riding is a great form of exercise. However, it can be a cause of repetitive trauma to the pelvic nerves and blood vessels in men and women that can lead to sexual dysfunction. Learn about how to ride and what kind of saddle to buy to keep enjoying years of riding.
Top 5 Ways a Guy Can Boost Sexual Performance
Optimizing male sexual function
5 Things to Know Before Your Vasectomy
vasectomy, male birth control, sterilization, World Vasectomy Day
Beware the broken penis
broken penis. Urology.
How to Get the Most Out of Medicare Part D...
Are you feeling stumped by the prospect of Medicare Part D enrollment? It is a complex process for sure. Many people with urology problems are on Medicare. Take a look at what to consider in reviewing drug costs as you face the Medicare Part D enrollment.
The bladder is a flexible muscular sac that stores urine before it is ready to be released out of the body.
ejaculatory insufficiency
ejaculatory insufficiency, a brief description of ejaculatory insufficiency
Testosterone and the heart
Testosterone and cardiac disease
Libido refers to the psychic and emotional drive to have sex.
Neoadjuvant Therapy
Neoadjuvant therapy is a type of treatment used to prepare the body for the main cancer treatment. It usually applies to cancer treatment. Neoadjuvant therapy is given before and along with the main therapy to shrink the tumor. Examples of neoadjuvant therapy include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
Ureters are two long tubules that connect down from the kidneys to the bladder. The urine travels from the kidneys through the ureters to the bladder.
Fitness Colorado Style
outdoor work, bad weather, health
BPH refers to a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland.

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