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Urological Cancers: Kidneys, Prostate, Bladder, and Testicular

Cancer can affect the kidneys, bladder, prostate and testicles; together these are known as urological cancers. If you worry you are at risk for one of these cancer, or you have been recently diagnosed, read on.

The PSA Test for Prostate Cancer: What You Should Know About It
A PSA tests the amount of prostate specific antigen in your blood. Normal, high, or rising levels can help your doctor determine whether your prostate is healthy or could be an indicator of BPH or prostate cancer. Learn how it is used here.

What Is Bladder Cancer?
See a video of the different types of bladder cancer, their symptoms, and how they grow. What are the most common risk factors for bladder cancer?

What Are The Symptoms of Testicular Cancer?
Young men with symptoms in their testicles often tend to avoid seeing a doctor. Learn the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer so you can come in to your doctor early for an evaluation and treatment. If caught early, you have a high rate of cure.

Kidney Cancer: Who Is at Risk?
Kidney cancer death rates have remained relatively stable while diagnosis has increased. See the latest trends from the American Cancer Society.

Blood in the urine
Blood in the urine, when to see a urologist.

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