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Urology - Symptoms and Diagnostic Tests


Are you bothered by urinary tract symptoms, such as seeing blood in your urine or getting up frequently to urinate each night? Finding out the cause may require testing. As you begin your work-up, be sure that you trust your provider.
  1. Common Urology Symptoms
  2. Diagnostic Tests
  3. Consulting A Urologist

Common Urology Symptoms

Do you ever feel like you have urinary incontinence or you have pain when you urinate, or see blood in your urine? Some symptoms are red flags that you should not ignore. You should see your doctor for a thorough evaluation.

Diagnostic Tests

Undergoing diagnostic tests might be a scary process because they create anxiety of what could be wrong. Understanding what each test can identify should reassure you that your doctor is on the right track.

Consulting A Urologist

Finding the right urologist may take some time. You may never have needed a urologist before. Knowing what to look for, understanding a urologist's scope of practice, background, and training can help you select wisely.

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