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Kidney Health

Your kidneys perform critical function in eliminating waste products from your blood and keeping your blood chemically balanced. When your kidneys cannot filter your blood properly, it usually means that something is wrong with your kidneys or elsewhere in your body. This section deals exclusively with kidney problems.

How are kidneys donated?
Kidney donation is used in transplant surgeries for people with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure. There are various types of kidney donors. Learn more about kidney transplant donation here.

The Kidney Transplant Waiting list: How To Get On It
If you have chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, you may need to get a kidney transplant. Unless you are proactive about getting on a kidney transplant waiting list, you won't get on. Here are some tips on beginning the process.

All About Kidney Stones
This article discusses the causes, types, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney stones

Diet for People with Chronic Kidney Disease
High protein diets can be especially hard on your kidney health. See what nutritionists and doctors recommend for going easy on your kidneys if you have chronic kidney disease.

Wilms' Tumor in Children
Wilms' tumor is an extremely rare childhood tumor that affects the kidneys. Learn about effective treatments and research currently available. Usually, Wilms' tumor is curable.

Kidney Cancer: What Are the Key Statistics?
Kidney cancer death rates have remained relatively stable while diagnosis has increased. See the latest trends from the American Cancer Society.

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