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Female Urology Anatomy and External Sexual Anatomy


Updated December 28, 2009

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Overview of the Female Urology System
Female Urology Anatomy and External Sexual Anatomy

Female urinary tract.


In both men and women, the urology system is the part of the body that deals with urination. It doesn't take a doctor to know that the urology-related anatomy of men and women look very different, at least from the outside. However, internally, they are similar -- the kidneys of both men and women, for example, look and function the same for both genders. But we also differ in some ways, too -- women have much shorter ureters (the tube that connects your bladder to your urethra) and therefore are at greater risk of bladder infections.

If this all seems like a lot information to absorb -- don't worry. This article breaks it down into steps.

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