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Urology November 2009 Archive


Filibanserin: How Much Would You Pay Per Month For One More Satisfying Sexual Experience?

Monday November 30, 2009
When news that filibanserin might be the next female Viagra was reported recently, it immediately became the butt of jokes on blogs. It was partially the name of the drug ... Read More

Chronic Kidney Disease: At Thanksgiving, Discuss Your Family’s Risk

Tuesday November 24, 2009
© Gino Santa Maria - Fotolia.com Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a devastating disease process that afflicts African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans disproportionally. It can lead to chronic ... Read More

When Less is More In Urology: The Case of Kidney Cancer

Saturday November 21, 2009
The past few weeks have had me thinking: can Americans adapt to a message in medicine that "less is more," when science confirms it? Back in April, at the ... Read More

Use Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) $ Now

Wednesday November 18, 2009
If you set up a flexible spending account with your employer in 2009, now is the time to review whether you have spent the money that you set aside. ... Read More

Medicare Part D Enrollment Began Yesterday

Monday November 16, 2009
Now is the time to actively review your options for Medicare Part D enrollment for 2010. You have until Dec. 31, 2009 to complete Medicare Part D enrollment, but health ... Read More

Trial Flags Overuse of Hormone Therapy in Prostate Cancer Patients Treated With Radiation

Tuesday November 10, 2009
Low-risk cancer is the diagnosis for 7 of 10 men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and if all 10 men chose radiation therapy for prostate cancer treatment, only 3 men --those ... Read More

FDA: Serious Complications of Transvaginal Mesh For Fallen Bladder, Stress Urinary Incontinence

Friday November 6, 2009
If you are considering treatment options for a fallen bladder, uterus, or vagina, or bothersome stress incontinence, you should gather as much up-to-date information as possible. Transvaginal mesh is often ... Read More

Urology Forum Takes Off

Tuesday November 3, 2009
Good news: people are starting to chime in on the urology forum. I imagine that there are plenty of readers out there who might have urology concerns on their ... Read More

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